Are all products certified vegan?

All of our products are vegan certified by The Vegan Socierty and our Austrian manufacturer Pure Green GmbH is himself a member of The Vegan Society.  This also means that they are cruelty free and that they have never

Are all products certified natural?

All of our products are natural certified by NatCert, an exclusive quality seal from Austria's largest manufacturer of purely plant-based natural cosmetics.

The NatCert quality seal is carried exclusively by products which fulfil the highest quality and safety criteria in compliance with recognized guidelines. The paramount principle of utmost importance for the NatCert quality seal is transparency and full disclosure.


NatCert’s focus on product Safety and Quality: NatCert is a quality seal which certifies that products from Pure Green Cosmetics fulfil the highest quality and safety criteria for plant-based cosmetics. Products which carry the NatCert seal are developed and produced according to strict, internationally recognized regulations for natural cosmetics. The two most important standards in this field are set by NATRUE and COSMOS.

NATRUE and COSMOS are two internationally recognized associations which are committed to the benefit of consumers in the field of natural and organic cosmetics. Both well known, they are considered to be the golden standard within the industry. The guidelines can be viewed on the websites stated. Products which carry the NatCert seal are designed and manufactured according to these standards. This applies starting from the selection of raw materials through processing right up to the end-product.

Legal notice: This assessment of the certifiability always refers to the point in time of the product development and is subject the condition that it was submitted according to the best of the manufacturer's knowledge but is not meant to preempt the certification process as such. The latter applies, above all, for legal reasons. Pure Green does not claim that NatCert automatically corresponds to a certificate from COSMOS or NATRUE. 

To learn more about NatCert, please visit the website

Are all products certified organic?

Our products don’t carry an organic certification. Whilst all of our products are based on crisp alpine spring water, high quality natural ingredients in accordance with the NatCert certification (see above), as well as containing many organically certified ingredients, we did not seek any additional organic certification.

Are all products GMO Free?

All of our product’s ingredients are GMO Free and sourced responsibly by our manufacturer who is Austria's largest manufacturer of purely plant-based natural cosmetics.

Are the products 100% natural? 

The 051 Deodorant contains 100% natural and naturally derived ingredients as it did not require any preservatives. Our other products contain preservatives that are in accordance with our strict certification, in order to give the products a good shelf life. For details of the exact percentages please reach out to us to learn more. We made this trade-off consciously, adding preservatives and therefore not offering products with 100%  natural or naturally derived ingredients, as we consider a longer shelf life obtained with good preservatives accepted by our certification label to be more important. It namely reduces the risk that customers keep using products beyond their shelf life without realizing that they do, as they intuitively believe it to be longer and similar to other products they use.

What is the shelf life of your products?

The shelf life of the products are 30 months from the date of production (check the bottom of the bottles or the folding top of the tubes) and 6 months after opening. We strive to supply you with recently produced products as we produce in small batches (as you can see from batch/product number on the product),

How do I read the production date written on the products?

The first 2 numbers are the day (after letter L), next one in the middle is the month of production, the last 2 numbers (on the right if it is in front of you) correspond to the year of production.

Where are your products made? 

The products are made in Tyrol, Austria by our manufacturing partner Pure Green GmbH, Austria's largest manufacturer of purely plant-based natural cosmetics.

What delivery company do you use?

To process deliveries in Austria we use DPD, and for deliveries in Europe/EEA/Switzerland we use UPS.

Unfortunately, right now we are not performing deliveries of online orders from our website to America, CIS countries, Asia, Australia and Africa, but we are working on it and it will be available in near future.

When will my order arrive?

It usually takes 1-2 business days to process the order and around 5-6 days to deliver the order (depending on your delivery address). In case your order has not been delivered within 10 business days, we kindly ask you to contact us by sending an e-mail to and one of our team members will help with your order.

What is your returns policy?

Please visit our Refund Policy page for details.

My order has arrived damaged/ faulty, what should I do?

Please, contact us by sending an e-mail to and one of our team members will help with your enquiry.