Bathroom Essentials

We created a special “Bathroom Essential” Set for you that contains the award-winning, 100% natural 051 Deodorant and the unique mini-version of our Topseller, the 011 Hair & Body Wash Travel Size (Double Pack).
The 011 Hair & Body Wash Travel Size, which comes in 2 bottles of 100ml each, uniquely combines the cleansing needs of a man’s body as well as scalp and hair. It is the mini-version of our beloved Topseller, ideal for business & weekend travel as well as your regular trip to the gym. Given it maximum travel size of 100ml, it’s also suitable for daily use at home, especially now that we all travel a lot less.
The award winning spray 051 Deodorant mitigates perspiration and prevents unwanted odor from developing owing to its highly effective yet mild formula. It is 100% natural and therefore naturally aluminum- and parabens-free, so that no yellow stains emerge on your shirts. The natural formula does not clog the pores under your armpits, nor does the natural scent dominate or persist, therefore you can combine the use with any one of your favorite fragrances.
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