Shaving Set

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When we developed our shaving products, we decided to sharp our attention not only on the act of shaving itself, but go beyond, and think about how your skin will feel before, during and after the shaving process.
In our 021 Shaving Crème we added natural coco sugar tensides, which soften the facial hair in preparation for an easy, effortless shave. To ensure that even a very sensitive skin will have a flawless shaving experience we added Aloe Vera and Shea Butter and to allow you to perfectly trim your beard we developed creamy, non-foaming, almost transparent texture.
To make your post-shave experience even more delightful we developed 031 Light Moisturizer and After Shave Balm which has natural antiseptic properties, instantly reduces skin redness. It is quickly absorbed leaving no oily sheen or sticky feeling, which allow you to use it right before you leave the house and wear your mask.